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Netiya Fellowship


The Netiya Fellowship is an immersive and experiential four-month program for students that lays out a platform for empowerment, persistence, and local food justice, and food relief community activism and urban homesteading. Students will learn about the values of sustainable activism and what it means to be an activist in the local community. The Netiya Fellowship also helps students make informed and ethical choices about their food consumption and provides them with the tools to educate their community about the challenges of the current food relief system. Students will examine the process of food production, the root causes of hunger in their community, and the varying approaches and best practice models of food relief. Working within the context of Jewish sources addressing activism and food relief, students will explore how their institution (e.g. congregation, youth movement, school etc.) can do more to tackle hunger proactively. The Netiya Fellowship seeks to educate about the importance of holistic and systemic change so that students will go-on to better serve their communities and maintain the relationship between tzedakah, food, and the land.

The day before my daughter was going to start high school, she was very nervous. So she invited a friend over and the two of them began to weed our garden. This was her idea from the moment she woke up in the morning. She entered the summer loving the outdoors, but not knowing what to do with it. The skills she gained during her internship on the Netiya Urban Homestead with Devorah this summer gave her the confidence and the groundwork she needed to get outside, quiet her nerves, and use her love of gardening to enjoy the day. This is an incredible gift. Thank you Netiya! —Robin P.

Do you want to gain urban agricultural skills and learn about food justice in a cohort of peers? Become a Netiya Fellow! Netiya Fellows learn how to make informed, ethical choices about food consumption, gain tools to educate local community (schools, congregations, youth movements, etc.) about the challenges of the current food relief system and ways to tackle hunger proactively. Netiya Fellows will also gain essential homesteading skills by working in the chicken coup, composting, tending the plants, running a lemonade stand with kids, nonprofit community organizing, PR, and marketing.



By the end of the Netiya Fellowship program students will:

    • Understand the value of sustainable activism, food sovereignty, and empowerment
    • Have an understanding of the problems inherent in our current food system and some tangible measures we as consumers can take to fix these
    • Understand the challenges of food relief
    • Have knowledge of best practice models of food relief and sustainable consumption
    • Understand how Netiya is working to combat hunger in the Los Angeles area
    • Explore how their institution (e.g. synagogue, youth movement, school etc.) can do more to tackle hunger proactively 
    • Have educated their community on the issue
    • Have learned how to grow, harvest and preserve their own food and have an understanding of the entire food cycle

Each week provides a focussed opportunity for students to:

  1. Think – Acquire new information about urban farming food activism, land justice and stewardship and think about its impact on their lives and the lives of local communities.
  2. Reflect and Process – Journal on a facet they are learning during the Fellowship (i.e. urban farming and food relief). (What new information about urban agriculture, activism, and food relief was acquired? What are the benefits and challenges of the model of activism / food relief presented? What or who is sparking inspiration and how might this lead them to take empowered action in the future?)
  3. Get Empowered – Get focussed. Bring one personal goal per month.
  4. Engage – Explore the role of activism and meet the community by running a Lemon-aid / Farm Stand monthly to raise money with participants from Netiya’s youth programming.
  5. Enact – Take Action! Netiya Fellows will apply what they’ve learned about urban homesteading, food sovereignty and food relief into the community by presenting at the Netiya Symposium.

Netiya Fellows may receive school credit and volunteer hours for the following activities:

  1. Urban Agriculture: compost, seed, plant, harvest, and weed
  2. Social Media Management: capture and share the spirit and growth of Netiya
  3. Leadership: oversee Netiya’s Life Cycle Project which curates locally grown, non GMO plant-based centerpieces and altar decorations.
  4. Community Organizing: develop an Urban Homestead local community e-list, raise money, plan/run a monthly Lemonade/Farm Stand event and recruit Fellows and Volunteers to participate in Netiya programs.


So You Want to Change the World?

Students are encouraged to think critically at all stages.

  1. Students will examine what it means to be an activist. They will examine their own relationship to the term “Social Justice” and the notion of dignity. Students will be encouraged to think critically about the merits of short vs long-term (sustainable) activism.
  2. Students will learn about food insecurity in LA, including locally specific issues such as food deserts, underlying causes and statistics. In order to gain first-hand experience of the challenges facing the food insecure, they will prepare a meal for their family / spend a weekend living on food stamps – taking the Food Stamp Challenge.
  3. Students will examine how food insecurity is addressed in LA. Students will analyze their social impact and explore how they can be applied today in order to tackle food insecurity in our cities.
  4. Students will be expected to maintain a journal of their Netiya Fellowship experience, to be shared at the beginning of each session.


Netiya Fellows meet once a week for two hours during the fall semester.


Netiya’s Urban Homestead in Sherman Oaks with 23 fruit trees, and pesticide free, water-wise graywater food/herb garden, aquaponic system and chicken coop.


Netiya asks for a sliding scale fee of $250-$1000 as a tax-deductible contribution to Netiya. Payment supports Netiya’s food justice programming.

Ready to start your Netiya Fellowship? E-mail to learn more OR…



Netiya is fiscally sponsored by Community Partners and donations for Netiya can be made online here or sent to:

Community Partners for Netiya:

Attn. Finance Department

1000 N. Alameda St., Ste. 240

Los Angeles, 90012.

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