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Just Food & Gardens Matching Microgrant Program

Netiya’s flagship program provides seed capital, educational programming, and technical assistance to install kitchen gardens and kickstart food production on underused, congregational lands throughout the faith sector. Netiya reframes the Biblical tenet of tithing to foster institutional-scale repair of the food system to mitigate food insecurity.

Our aim is to make locally-grown produce more accessible to people within and around our faith-based institutions, particularly in high-need areas, through tithing. Produce harvested from all Netiya Just Food & Gardens goes through a reverse tithing – 90% to be donated, 10% for the institution.  Visit List of Just Food & Gardens to read details about Netiya’s existing and upcoming food and garden installations.

At Netiya, we don’t just build gardens and orchards, we help our partner institutions build a culture that understands and celebrates good food, and strives to be part of a sustainable food system. We offer our signature high-level sustainability instruction during all our workshops and installs. Netiya is not a landscaping firm that builds and maintains your garden for you. We’ll partner and empower you by offering experiential teachings to your community – skills like how to build, plant, and maintain a vibrant edible garden. Our goals are to help institutions:

  • Build community awareness around where food comes from
  • Develop new gardens and orchards on faith-based land holdings
  • Learn how to produce food
  • Link to food sovereignty and anti-hunger organizations to empower access to food/resources
  • Use the garden/orchard as a space for community-building and learning


  • Netiya will help you work within your faith-based institution to explain the merits of installing a food garden and working with the community to grow and tithe more food to address food insecurity.
  • A Netiya representative will attend a committee meeting or sit face-to-face with your clergy and administrative leadership.
  • A Netiya landscape designer will schedule a Site Visit by appointment and walk the site with you.
  • A Netiya representative will price out your project after a site visit. Cost for each Just Food & Garden will be determined based on existing infrastructure, style of garden, and size.
  1. Netiya helps your faith-based institution design, build out, upgrade, or kickstart its garden with seed capital.
  2. A Netiya landscape designer will draft sketches to help you design your garden.
  3. After designing or upgrading a new garden for your institution, a Netiya landscape designer will meet with your team to help create an action plan that will bring your project to fruition.



  1. Netiya installs or upgrades your garden.
  2. Netiya educates/trains your volunteers and/or brings in Netiya volunteer labor to help with the install.
  3. Netiya helps your organization foster a spiritually-grounding, and vibrant community-building environment that is productive, safe, and super fun during the installations.
  4. Netiya prepares customized instructional materials that help inform your volunteers in the correct planting, irrigation, and pest control techniques to empower them to sustain your faith-based institutional garden!
  1. After installing your garden, a Netiya consultant will help you design a maintenance program to help your garden grow and prosper, with a focus on pesticide-free gardening and project sustainability.
  2. Netiya offers a menu of educational workshops that can be taught on your institution’s premises by experts from the organic gardening community.
  3. Netiya sources plants, seeds, and/or volunteers as needed.
  4. Netiya helps you plan community-wide events in your garden to take on tasks of scale (i.e., lay down mulch; plant the season’s garden) and will help you organize workdays to sheet mulch, overhaul, or prune/weed your garden.


Not every congregation has the resources to fund a garden. Netiya distributes matching microgrants to help catalyze food production at faith-based institutions, learn more here. In addition, Netiya supports needs-based congregations in LA whenever possible. Our success is possible only through YOUR financial support, commitment, and activism. Donate Here

Start a Just Food & Garden project at your institution or upgrade your existing garden! Contact info@netiya.org or call 213.761.5111 to begin the conversation.

Click here for more information about our food garden install at Emmanuel HM Turner AME Church in South LA

Now that you’ve read about our PLANT, check out our current programming here:  TEACHSEED!

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